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Yaotome Sasha monogatari^^



Greetings to all who visit this stupid journal profile XD

Sasha is V.I.P, clear?

Heeeey yaa! ♥ Sasha is heeeeere!! am i a VIP?? yes I AM! and i love the other Kpop boybands too♥ I like to go online all daay! but my mom would yell on me ><" i love fandom-ing ^___^ about SHINee, Hey!Say!Jump, Bigbang, Wonder girls, TVXQ, super junior, 2pm, KATTUN, NEWS and lots more ;) my ETERNAL husband is.....Mr. Robert Pattinson! he is hella sexyy ♥ FYI, i already loved him since 5 years ago so not just because he played the PERFECT and most beautiful EDWARD CULLEN♥ oh yeah, one more thing, i love twilight saga♥ Feel free to add me but leave your comment on my journal first okay ;D byebye :)

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